Who Are We ?

Project Philippines is a team of approximately 15 workers, both Filipino and American, men and women. It is a 3-fold project designed to reach the lost and bring glory to God in the Republic of the Philippines, a nation of nearly 90 million people in the continent of Asia. The Philippines is an island nation of about 7,100 islands (only about a hundred inhabited).

The first phase of Project Philippines is Leyte Christian College.

LCC was born in the summer of 2007, in a meeting of our team at Tacloban City, Leyte. This great "gateway" city in the Philippines, sitting astride the great San Juanico Bridge which connects Leyte island with Samar island, is a vast, growing commercial city in the heart of the Philippines. It is the capital of the province of Leyte. You may remember Leyte from the events of the Second World War. Here, General Douglas MacArthur fulfilled his pledge ("I shall return") to the Filipinos on Oct. 20, 1944, with the Allied invasion of the Philippines culminating in the rout of the Japanese Army. Our work will be centered in this great city.

We have secured a nice property there on which we might build all phases of Project Philippines:

(1) Leyte Christian College, a preacher training school
(2) a pre-school, elementary school and high school
(3) a children's home for homeless or orphaned children.

We're looking for sponsors and supporters who might share our vision for the Lord's kingdom in the Philippines and lend a hand. We know it's a bold and ambitious plan. It will require lots of hard work. It also will require brothers & sisters in Christ standing behind it, in prayer but also in financial assistance. If that's you, contact us at eastepfamily@yahoo.com. Or write our sponsor congregation at this address:

Project Philippines
c/o Southwest Church of Christ
4515 Cornell
Amarillo, TX 79109

Thank you for your interest!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Back in the U.S.

Robin, Nathan and I are back in the U.S. now for awhile, as we attended our daughter Lauren's graduation from P.A. school at Texas Tech Univ. Health Science Center in Midland. Also would like to make reports to various of our supporting churches if possible. Let us know.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

New School Year

Classes have begun now for the new school year, both at our primary campus in Tacloban City and at our new satellite campus in Carcar, Cebu. There are about 90 students enrolled in the Tacloban campus, with more on the way, and an additional 16 enrolled at our small campus (in a rented building) in Carcar. We are so blessed with a great crop of newbies who are eager to study the Word of God with us, as well as about 50 returning students. Thanks to our great supporters for your wonderful & generous help in this work!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Satellite Campus for Leyte Christian College

It is with great excitement that we announce a second campus for our school. When the new school year opens, less than two months from now, we will be opening a "satellite" campus in Carcar City, on the island of Cebu. Although classes will be held initially in a rented building, we hope to move into permanent quarters within just a year or two. Faculty is already in place and we are busy now recruiting students to fill the new satellite campus. At the beginning we will only welcome first-year students but next year hopefully we'll have first & second-year. We ask for your prayers in this new endeavor. If we can replicate the success seen in Tacloban recently, this will be a fine addition to our work.

New graduates

Leyte Christian College graduated its fourth crop of new grads on Saturday, April 4.  This was our largest-ever number of graduates, a total of 23 brilliant young people who completed a tough four years here at LCC. We have now graduated a total of 59 students from the Bible degree at LCC, and many of those have gone on to do great things in the kingdom of God. See the pictures below of the newest graduates.

Late Posts

We haven't posted anything here in several months & we are so sorry for that. Lately we have been using Facebook to post activities of our team here in Tacloban, as well as monthly email reports. But perhaps some of you don't have Facebook accounts and you might be depending on these posts here to get information about our activities. We're very sorry. Going to try to do better in the future at keeping this website current!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Feeding an entire village

This coming weekend, LCC students & staff are going to feed an entire village. Approximately 400 families, which means perhaps as many as 2,000 people will be fed in the village of Tagpuro (which is where Leyte Christian College is located). We are so blessed to be able to do this, and thanks go to Comanche Trail Church of Christ for their valuable support & generosity making this all possible.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Blessings given

This past weekend, perhaps as many as 800 people in & around Tagpuro village near the LCC campus received clothing & shoes. These wonderful blessings have poured in from our supporters, were shipped in the container that arrived approximately one month ago, and have now been distributed by our great students - the "LCCians" (led by SBO President Mernie Sabanal). Thanks to so many of you for your wonderful giving. The folks who received these great blessings were very thankful, and many of them told me so.  Each person was able to get four pieces of clothing and one pair of shoes (if we had one which fit them). It was sort of like a carnival atmosphere, with so much joy & so many smiles. Thanks, great supporters!

Our Newest Graduates at Leyte Christian College

Our Newest Graduates at Leyte Christian College
Largest-ever graduating class at LCC - a total of 23 students finished their four years with us and received the Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology. We're proud of them all!

New Preachers, ready to go to work!

New Preachers, ready to go to work!
The guys - eleven of them in all who graduated - show off their hard earned diplomas after the commencement exercises.